The World Famous Project


 Is this So famous in the world ? Some Eingish gay asked me in S.Korea.

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 The World Famous Project Ⅰ

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 The World Famous Project Ⅳ 


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 The World Fanouse Project Ⅴ


2004  solo exhibition ( Gallery Gen / Tokyo ) ▶ installation view

2004  solo exhibition ( City Gallery / Osaka )

2012  solo exhibition ( NAGI Museum of Contemporary Art / Okayama )▶ installation view


 The World famous project Ⅶ. DVD×2 (4min.loop) 2008


I watched a TV program that filmed a family whose house went through a remodeling. The family members were overjoyed and in tears to see the newly renovated house. Then, I struck upon an idea of doing the same thing only with a maiko, or apprentice geisha. How can I make this a reality? I plucked up enough courage to talk to the mistress of the teahouse. After talking to the mistress and a senior geisha, I was introduced to a maiko. When I finally had the date set for the shooting, four years had passed.One fine morning in May, an assistant and I were quite tense, preparing the set for shooting. It took us five hours for the filming. I filmed the whole process of the maiko going to a beauty parlor, putting on make-up, dressing up in kimono, and finally going off to the teahouse. However, after several deliberation, I realized that only the first and last cuts were “contemporary.”I roused myself to do this work because I knew that I was going into an area of Kyoto steeped in history.

▶ model appear at hotel art fair

2008  solo exhibition ( Gallery Gen / Tokyo ) ▶  installation View

2008  solo exhibition ( Gallery CASO / Osaka )

2012 Thailand - Japan Sculpture Symposium 2012 (Chang Mai University Art Center/Thailand )  ▶  installation View

2012  solo exhibition (NAGI Museum of contemporary art / Okayama ) ▶  installation View

2013  Golbang Art Film Festival ( S.Korea )

2015 solo exhibition ( Hebel_121 / Basel.Swizerland ) ▶ installation view


 The World famous project "3W" DVD (19min.loop) 2018

2018  solo exhibition ( Gyodong Art Museum / S.korea )▶ installation view


 I am so into the movie world step by step. 


 The World Famous Project Ⅸ. DVD × 4 (70 sec.loop.)


One day I was looking for a creature that would be as a contemporary screen image; then I came across something that fitted just right. It was plain without patterns, monochrome and simple in shape. Its appearance on the geologic time table became possible only when its fossils were found, but otherwise its birth is shrouded in mystery. Yes, much of the jellyfish is yet to be discovered and unraveled. According to my scheme of things, it probably came into being during the Jurassic Period, predating the dinosaurs of that time, when nautilus and bivalves were born. I am talking about the time way before the birth of humans --- probably between 190 million to 145 million years ago. After this point in time, most of the land creatures died out, but many of the aquatic creatures survived. I wonder if this simple creature is our distant ancestor. It does not seem to have a will of its own to decide where to go, but drifts away wherever the currents take it. Where it goes could be a place abundant in food or a place devoid of plankton. It adapts to the condition of the locality by the virtue of flexibility in changing its size. Its shape and appearance is universally exciting. So far I have filmed the creatures in Osaka, Yamagata and Oita prefectures in order to create four pieces of work. Most people in Japan have seen the actual creature at least once, but it is another story in a land-locked country like Hungary and also in South Korea, our neighbor. There are many aquariums in different parts of Japan, but this seems to not be the case in many countries. Although it is a mysterious creature with changeable size, its speedy movement is beautiful. As I tried to create contemporary art with the moving images, trimming the frames and changing the speed, I learned a lot from trial and error. 

2007  MOVING EYES ( Gallery CASO / Osaka ) 

2007  Kobe Biennale 2007 ( Organized by Kobe City )  ▶ Installation view

2008  solo exhibition ( IGONG Gallery / S.Korea ) ▶ Installation view

2008  solo exhibition ( Gallery Suzuki / Kyoto )  ▶ Installation view

2008  AD LACUM FELICIS town of glad lake ( KUNY DOMOKOS MEGYEI MUSEUM / Hungary ) ▶ Installation view

2011  MIZU VIZ “WATER” ( The collection of local history of ferencvaros, A38 gallery / Hungary )

2013  solo exhibition ( Gallery Suzuki / Kyoto )  ▶ Installation view

2015  solo exhibition ( Hebel_121 / Basel.Swizerland )   ▶  installation View

2017  solo exhibition ( Orie Art Gallery / Tokyo ) ▶  installation View

2017 ■ solo exhibition ( Gallery espas / Nagoya )  ▶  installation View

2017  Art de Meat 2017 ( Nagi Museum of contemporary art / Okayama ) ▶  installation View

I have done four video images and exhibited the compiled work at the above-mentioned ten locations, changing the editing/arrangement of the images according to the exhibition.


 The World Famous Project 14 

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 The World Famous Project 15

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2014 Oita municipal gallery ( Pro:OPAM )  ▶ installation view

2016 ■ solo exhibition ( Gallery gen / Tokyo ) ▶ Installation View

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2017 ■ solo exhibition ( Orie Art Gallery / Tokyo ) ▶  Installation view



 The World Famous Project 16

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 The World Famous Project 16

2017 9min.40sec.x3 SD.card

Nagi museum of contemporary art View